Motion Detection Dashboard for Esp32 Camera

Monitor your garage, kitchen, courtyard or whatever in one platform from anywhere in the world!

Main Features

Upload pictures of motion events to the cloud to access them from any device

Safe storage

Keep the history of your motion captures safe in the cloud

GIF Animations

Automatically create animated GIF from your photos

Notification channels

Get notified by Email, Telegram or Webhook. Never miss an event!


You can get started for free and still get access to a lot of features

How it works

1. Register your device

Create your device in the dashboard

2. Program the Esp32-cam

Upload the provided Arduino sketch to your board

3. Watch

Anytime something moves in front of your Esp32-cam, the pictures will be uploaded to the dashboard

Motion capture example

No-brainer pricing

No monthly subscriptions, no hidden cost.
One time payment to become a PREMIUM user.


2 MB of file storage (~100 photos)

1 Telegram channel

1 Email channel

No Webhooks

1 notification per hour

15 days data retention


$ 19


20 MB of file storage (~1000 photos)

Unlimited Telegram channels

Unlimited Webhooks

Zapier integration (coming soon)

5 Email channels

5 notifications per hour

Unlimited data retention


Any Questions? Answered

What our Clients Say

Don't take our words for granted. Hear from our customers.

“The ease of use of the Eloquent library is astonishing. The dashboard just adds the cherry on top of the cake“


“Having a dashboard to manage the notifications and storage of pictures is so handful. No more SD cards!“


“This is impressive. I never thought motion detection on my Esp32 camera could be so gorgeous“



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